Why Us?

Finding the Right Solution for You and/or Your Company

Our financial planning process is designed to assist you in first identifying, then targeting, your financial goals and objectives through the proper management of your cash flow and assets. These goals include many things for many people. Some examples include buying a home, planning for retirement, or saving for a major purchase.

The financial planning process consists of six basic steps:

  1. Discuss general considerations
  2. Gather all the appropriate information
  3. Set up a plan of action and design financial plan solutions
  4. Review the initial plan and its consistency, and complete the financial plan
  5. Initiate plan of action
  6. Monitor and review the plan, as agreed, regularly

The process involves first gathering your relevant financial information. Using profiling and analysis tools, we will help you set goals, examining your current financial status, project into your future, and then develop a strategy to pursue your financial goals.

With the assistance of the staff at Center Square Asset Management, you can take stock of where you are and where you want to go. We will help you develop and initiate a proper action plan designed to get you where you want to be.